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What? Six New Orleans schools participated in a research study of the use of trauma-informed approaches in schools. The goal of the study was to determine how school personnel and students responded to trauma-informed activities at their school, which included professional development training, coaching, and organizational support in trauma-informed approaches.  

Who? Our partner schools included:

Samuel J. Green Elementary

ReNEW Cultural Arts Academy (re-opened as Firstline Live Oak)

Arthur Ashe Charter School

ReNEW Schaumburg Elementary School

Phillis Wheatley Community School

ReNEW SciTech Academy

When? This research project spanned from 2016-2020.  

Where? We had six partner schools here in New Orleans, and our study staff represented many of the people, agencies, and governmental departments working hard every day to help New Orleans children and youth reach their highest potentials.

Why? We have learned a lot about the negative impact of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and trauma on children’s development. If we can learn that trauma-informed approaches make our schools safer and our students healthier, we want to share this information with others, so that we can help students nationally and internationally get the most out of school.  For more information about ACES and why trauma-informed approaches could be an important solution to ACES, click here.

How? By conducting the first rigorous evaluation of a trend that is sweeping the nation — trauma-informed schools — right here in New Orleans.  For more information on the work we have been doing related to trauma-informed approaches in schools, click here.



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